Why Was He Named Jesus and Not Emmanuel, The Forgotten Story of Mary’s Midwife, and More!

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Why Was He Named Jesus & Not Emmanuel? – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission

The Forgotten Story of Mary’s Midwife – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia

Caspar, Balthasar & Melchior? Where Did Their Names Come From? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Christmas: A Bad Time for Addicts & Alcoholics? Faith Is the Answer – Bob Kurland Ph.D., The American Catholic

Without Jesus, There is No Christmas, Says Pope Francis – Carol Glatz, Catholic Herald

Where Did the Holy Family Go In Egypt? – Billy Ryan, uCatholic

Keep Christ in Christmas – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

About Those Christmas Animals – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Lane

Counting Christmas: Celebrating the Twelfth Night – R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine

Blessed John Duns Scotus: A Christmas Theology of Love – David Torkington, Catholic Stand

Tolkien’s Birthday – Charles A. Coulombe, The Anglicanorum Cœtibus Society Blog

Parishioners Heartbroken On Closure of Church Before Christmas – David V. Barrett, Catholic Herald

Persevering This Christmas – James Hooper, Catholic Stand

Quæritur: Are Blessings, Holy Water, Etc., Less Effective if Latin Isn’t Used – Fr. Z’s Blog

T.S. Eliot & Dreading Christmas – Patrick Malone, Catholic Stand

The Year of Paul VI – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex

A Christmas Carol, Luigi Taparelli, Economics & Almsgiving – Gene Van Son, Catholic Stand

Birth Into the Covenant – Fr. Hugh Barbour O. Præm., Catholic Answers Magazine

In the “Presents” of God – Carol Monaco, Catholic Stand

‘Wyle New Year Watz So Yep That Hit Watz Newe Cummen. . .’ – A Clerk of Oxford

Making the Traditional Mass Your New Year’s Resolution – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy

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