The Rite of Degradation from the Order of Priesthood, Stages of Discernment, and More Great Links!

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The Rite of Degradation from the Order of Priesthood, Wherein Fr. Z Rants - Fr. Z’s Blog+++

11 Stages of Processing Your Friend Discerning Their Religious Vocation – epicPew

Homosexual Predation Scandal & Cover-up: Continuous Live Updates 24/7 - Big Pulpit

Increase in Vocations Presents a Challenge for San Jose Diocese – California Catholic Daily

Detectives Hope Trail Won’t Go Cold in Priest’s Murder Probe – Joseph M. Hanneman, The Catholic World Report

Why Attend Mass? – Ben Butera, The American Catholic

Supporting Our Parishes is an Act of Love – Constance T. Hull, Catholic Exchange

An Ignatian Style Examination of Conscience – Paul Kniaz, Catholic Stand

To the Parents of a Black Sheep – Brother Frassati Davis O.P., Dominicana

Critics of Christianity Aren’t So Clever – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine

How to Tell If Your Fundraising Campaign Will Work – Brice Sokolowski,

Well Done to Bishop Vasa for Banning ‘Communion Services’ – Damian Thompson, Catholic Herald

Israel will be Converted by the Divine Will Teachings – Frank Rega, The Shield of Faith

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