The Top 9 Most Prestigious Catholic Colleges in the US, Churches Worth Driving To, and More Links!

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The Top 9 Most Prestigious Catholic Universities/Colleges in the U.S. -  Laurel Whitworth, Catholic Lane+++

 Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast

Newest Seminarians for San Bernardino Diocese – California Catholic Daily++

4 Incredible Pieces of Catholic Restoration Art to Remind You of the Eucharist – epicPew+

This Powerful Prayer by St. Faustina is Perfect for the Church in Crisis – ChurchPOP

Weaving the Liturgical Year Into the Fabric of Family Life – Catherine Harmon, The Catholic World Report

Churches Worth Driving To – California Catholic Daily

The Saints On Purgatory & Hope in the Afterlife – Fr. Joseph M. Esper, Catholic Exchange

Does God Care How We Worship? – Brian Holdsworth, uCatholic

Heroic Priests: Lest We Forget – Tom Collingwood, Catholic Stand

Why This Princess Chose the Poor, Service & Charity Over Wealth & Her Crown – ChurchPOP

Beautiful Newly-Made Vestments at the Catholic Arts Exhibition – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Can My Care, Be Considered a Prayer? – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Tradition is for the Young: A New Regular TLM in Mississippi – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Sacristy Tips: Constructing a Catafalque for the Requiem Mass – Shawn R. Tribe, Liturgical Arts Journal

Only Religion Could have Inspired the Beauties of Venice – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

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