A Powerful Prayer to St. Joseph for Conversion of a Family Member, Top Catholic Charities, and More!

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A Powerful Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Conversion of a Family Member - Philip Kosloski, Aleteia+++

These 4 Catholic Charities Made the Top 100 Largest in the U.S. – Melissa Guerrero, epicPew+

Fr. Carlos Martins: I’m Not Expressing Political Opinions, I’m Expressing Moral Opinions – Roman Catholic Man++

Quæritur: Some Say Advent is Not a Penitential Season – Fr. Z’s Blog

A Valuable New Book Sets Forth the Gift of the Priestly Blessing – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in MIssion

Brian Holdsworth on “Keeping Youth in the Church” – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Holy Communion Prepares You for Heaven – St. Peter Julian Eymard, Catholic Exchange

From the Papal Chapel: the White Silk Soutane – J.P. Sonnen, Liturgical Arts Journal

Indian Christians Demand Justice for Dalit Christians – Robin Gomes, Vatican News

Communist China’s Desperate Attempts to Hide Genocide That Drives Its Transplant Industry – Torsten Trey, Bitter Winter

Theology of the Body & Digital Media – Sister Helena Burns, Hell Burns

Were the Bereans “Bible Alone”? – Steve Ray, Defenders of the Catholic Faith

Quæritur: Could Latin be Suppressed? Wherein Fr. Z Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog

Peter Damian’s Counsel – Charlotte Allen, First Things

Clerical Machiavellians with Magical Beliefs – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine

Buffalo & the Silence of the Bishops – Christopher R. Altieri, The Catholic World Report

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