Traditional Catholic Towns in the Ozarks, When Faith Alone Meets Scripture Alone, and More Links!

Traditional Catholic Towns in the Ozarks - Shane Schaetzel, Catholics Are Christian+++ Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecas

Meet a 10-Year-Old Boy Who is Being Raised as a ‘Drag Queen’

Viewers of the TODAY show were recently introduced to a young boy who, with the support of his parents, is a self-avowed drag queen, or as he likes to call himself, a “drag kid.” NBC News Senior National Correspondent Kate Snow was all...

Really, Do You Follow the Saints?

The other day I was playing Xbox, an enormous guilty pleasure of mine. If I've completed all my household duties and written at least 1000 words in a new book, I'll spend a good chunk of my time playing Rocket League. It's a ridiculous game where...

Where Are the Seven Sacraments in the Bible, Is the Bible Alone Sufficient, and More Great Links!

Where Are the Seven Sacraments in the Bible? – Chloe Langr, epicPew Is the Bible Alone Sufficient to Understanding God’s Word?

Christians Should Not Lose Hope for Those They Loved and Lost

Our Lord was probably a teenager when the Roman general Publius Quinctilius Varus impaled himself on his own sword in despair for having lost three legions in combat with Germanic tribesmen. Thirty years earlier Mark Antony had killed himself the...

Justice Clarence Thomas Almost Became a Priest, Answering the Missionary Call, and More Great Links!

Justice Clarence Thomas, the Rosary, & His First Homily as Priest - Scott Smith J.D., All Roads Lead to Rome+++ Answering the Missionary Call in Sudan

‘Struggling’ with Same-Sex Attractions?

Recently there was an article in the Register that featured snippets from the stories of three people: Joseph Sciambra, Dan Mattson, and myself. While I was (and am) very honored and humbl

Becoming True Men of Christ, Why “Visiting” Jesus is a Great Tradition, and More Links!

Becoming True Men of Christ: Chastity & Seeing Others Through Christ’s Eyes - Matthew B. Rose, Catholic Exchange+++ Why “Visiting” Jesus is a Great Catholic Tradition

Pope Leaves Intercommunion Decisions to Local Bishops, Not Conferences

On the plane back from Geneva yesterday, Pope Francis told reporters it is up to “particular” bishops of a local diocese rather than episcopal conferences to ascertain whether a Protestant spouse has a “grave necessity” to receive Holy...

Viral Video of The Magical Birth Canal, Priest Explains Signs of Unwell Church, and More Links!

Viral Video: The Magical Birth Canal - Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic+++ A Priest Explains the Big Sign that Proves Things Not Well in Catholic Church –