Patti Armstrong

20 Holy Hacks for Lent

The time of suffering is upon us—Lent!  It is the season of choosing sacrifice and following Jesus who chose to suffer and die for us. If we suffer with Christ, we will also rise and be renewed in our faith on Easter as a prelude to life...

When Bad Marriages Happen to Good People

Valentine’s Day and Lent start on the same day this year. That’s ironic if sacrifice, rather than joy, defines your marriage. Good marriages breed happy people. Bad marriages breed misery. One comedian claims that divorce is always good news...

Will Cecile Richards Be Haunted By Reality? I Pray it is So

What does the future hold for Cecile Richards, decade-long president of Planned Parenthood who aborted her fourth child simply because she wanted only three? With a million-dollar annual salary as president of Planned Parenthood, Richards helped...

8 Failures of Liberal Feminism and 9 Wins of True Feminism

In fairy tales, ugly stepsisters hate the true daughter of the King. And so it is with true feminism. It cloaks women in the divine beauty that God intended. The counterfeit, liberal version is a mean addiction of delusion that compels women to...

‘Forever My Girl’ Producer Escaped Religious Persecution in Iraq

Leaving your bride at the altar would seem to be an irreversible relationship-breaker. In Forever My Girl,

Would Forgiving Someone Change Your Identity?

Have your hurts become part of who you are? If so, it may be blocking you from forgiving someone. According to Father Paul Becker, pastor at the Church of Corpus Christi in Bismarck, North Dakota, when someone clings to a bad experience and is...

20 More Holy Hacks for a Happy New Year

Becoming better is an ongoing endeavor so whether it’s the first week of 2018 or later, resolutions are always beneficial. “Keep it simple,” the experts advise, pointing to dismal statistics of only a few hardy souls making to February with...

A Catholic Dictionary for a New Generation

Are we speaking the same language? Not always. It’s a new day. That calls for some new definitions, or in some cases, a review of the old and sometimes forgotten ones. If you think I’ve missed a few, let me know in the comment section. I’ll give...

The Power That Sex Abuse Victims Don’t Want

Jennifer (not her real name) is a young woman with a secret. It has burned on her mind and sickened her stomach. An old family friend who enjoys a high level of prestige and influence expressed interest in an adulterous relationship with her. He...

Catholic Journalists Talk About the Media

News is in the eye of the beholder, so it seems. Clearly, not all media sources see the world in the same light. What does that mean for news consumers? I asked a number of Catholic journalists to weigh in on the differences they see between the...