Patti Armstrong

If You Neglect This Gift, You Will Go to Hell

You don’t need coffee to wake up when there’s a rousing homily at morning Mass.  Msgr. Tom Richter, rector of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Bismarck, North Dakota, was especially fired up one morning. He warned us about “going to hell” not...

Disney’s Gay Moment Leaves Both Sides Unhappy

You’ve probably heard that Disney put a “gay moment” into its new adaptation of Beauty of the Beast. I won’t call what I’m about to reveal a spoiler alert, because pushing the gay agenda already spoils the movie. An article in Cosmopolitan...

91-Year-Old ‘Fool for Christ’ Builds Massive Church in Spain

Being practical or cautious can limit potential. Granted, those are not bad things, except when God wants us to trust him instead. Take Noah. Only a nut case would build an ark in his front yard. Unless, that is, God told him to do it. He did...

Exorcists Warn About Dangers of Wiccan ‘Spell to Bind Donald Trump’

Witches in the U.S. are offering a solution to those who say Donald Trump is not their president: cast a spell on him. It’s a planned monthly event that began Friday, Feb. 23 at the stroke of midnight Eastern Time. Witches from around the...

‘Bitter Harvest’ Portrays the Secret Holocaust in Ukraine

You would think that the world would notice if a dictatorship killed millions of its own people. But it didn’t. It was the Holodomer—which literally means death by hunger­­––in the Ukraine, ruled by the Soviet Union in 1932-33. The actual number...

Archdiocese of Denver Reiterates Warning About Charlie Johnston

Afterword on Charlie Johnston On Feb. 15, the Archdiocese of Denver issued a press release regarding self-proclaimed visionary Charlie Johnston. It referred to the March 1, 2016 statement, which explained: Mr. Johnston’s alleged messages were...

Our Blessed Mother is an Expert on Stress

Have you ever searched for three days for your car keys?  Or your wallet?  Have you ever tried to get reservations somewhere that was completely booked?  It’s stressful. Yet, it’s nothing compared to riding a donkey­­––as opposed to a heated...

Mother Teresa Would Have Rejected A Day Without Women

The women who brought us the women’s march— many of whom dressed up as their private parts while demanding respect—are planning a new event: “A Day Without Women”. On February 6, the Women’s March announced on Instagram: “General strike: A day...

Christ Sometimes Calls Men to the Priesthood in Dramatic Ways

Some calls to the priesthood are dramatic. Father John Riccardo had such a call. He is the author of Heaven Starts Now: Becoming a Saint Day by Day and the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Plymouth, Michigan where his homily podcasts

The Graceful Feminism of Mary Tyler Moore

I did something out of character this past weekend: I watched TV for a few hours. My husband kept me company as we watched and laughed through several episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show played in honor of her death last week. The show ran from...