Patti Armstrong

An Exorcist Explains Why the Devil Hates Bells So Much

“The devil hates bells,” a deacon involved in the deliverance ministry recently told my husband and me. He is actually our daughter’s father-in-law, so it was just a casual conversation—or at least for us. I had never heard of the bell-aversion,...

TV Religion, from Archbishop Sheen to “God Friended Me”

When we turned on the TV in the 1950s and 1960s, it was as if we were in the Twilight Zone where God and religion did not exist. Even though more than half of families went to church weekly —from 57% in 1950 to 63.3% in 1960—television families,...

From Notre Dame to North Dakota, a Miracle and a Mystery

It’s not every day that someone builds a church and gives it away, but that is what Ken Keller and his wife Marilyn are doing. If you refer to it as “your” church, he will sharply interrupt with “our church.” But really, it is God’s church and...

Mother Teresa's 15 Tips to Help You Become More Humble

Good self-esteem is confidence in one's worth or abilities. Think about Mother Teresa. That little nun had good self-esteem.  She even dared to speak against abortion at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1993 before her invited hosts President...

Exorcist Warns: Wicca Promises Freedom, Delivers Shackles

Through celebrity glitz and shouts of female empowerment, witchcraft has become chic. According to Pew Research, witches now outnumber Presbyterians. The brand image these days is “cool,” so no one with stringy hair or nose warts need...

Father Vincent Capodanno, A Priest Forever

Servant of God Father Vincent Capodanno is being credited with a miracle for a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis after she prayed for his intercession. In 2017, an MRI showed that the MS-related lesions in her brain were completely...

Christians Take High Ground in New Lawsuit

The left aggressively uses the government to silence Christians, according to Erick Kaardal, Thomas More Society Special Counsel. “In politics, we need to have foresight rather than being more reactionary,” he said in an interview with the...

If You Want to Understand the 8 Beatitudes, Look at Mother Teresa

“Beatitude, in my opinion, is a possession of all things held to be good, from which nothing is absent that a good desire may want,” according to St. Gregory of Nyssa in The Lord's Prayer: The Beatitudes. “Its opposite is misery… The only truly...

Catholic Husband Decides He’s a Woman

Elizabeth K. (not her real name) was confident she had secured a good Catholic husband that would never leave her, unlike her father had done. “My perceptions were correct,” she said. “He has appealed the annulment twice, all the way to Rome, and...

Colombian Bishop Uses Holy Water to ‘Drive Out the Devil’

A Colombian bishop’s determination to exorcise a violent, crime-ridden city in his diocese by pouring holy water from the air, was executed instead by a fire engine. As reported by La República, Bishop Rub