Carrie Gress

Have Women You Love Left the Faith? Here’s Why

I recently spoke on Catholic Answers about Mary and the modern woman. A man called in asking about his daughter, saying that although he homeschooled her and taught her the catechism, at 17, she now had little regard for the Church. It was clear...

Catholicism Brings Order to Your Soul, But Only If You Let It

My dear friend Nora passed away eight years ago from cancer. Her life had been a long quest for happiness and meaning. But somewhere after a disastrous marriage (quickly annulled) and well before her death, she said to me: “This is how I have...

This Litany is a Remedy for the Darkness of the World

It has become something of a nightly routine for one of my children to wake me up between 2-4 a.m. I can often get back to sleep quickly, but on one of those nights I found it difficult. I started thinking about all of the things that need prayer...

We All Suffer, but Not All Suffering is the Same

Recently, on EWTN’s Franciscan University Presents, Regis Martin and Scott Hahn said lovely things about an analysis on suffering that I’d written in my book Nudging Conversions. “Where did you ste

Women Don’t Need to Look Far to Know God’s Will

There is a deep chasm today between the cultural understanding of woman and the Church’s model of the ideal woman, the Virgin Mary. The gap between the two is so wide that it is almost laughable to suggest in secular circles that Mary isn’t an...

You Can’t Be Both Pro-Choice and Anti-Racist

It is a well-known fact that slavery lasted as long as it did because the Southern economy was deeply reliant upon its free labor. While some slave owners may have appreciated the idea of freeing their slaves, there was little motivation for them...

Symptoms, Causes and Loving Those with Same-Sex Attraction

For months Alex had back pain. He went to the doctor, who assured him it was just a pulled muscle. As the weeks wore on, the pain only increased—so he was given stronger prescriptions to deal with the pain. Finally, the pain was unbearable, so he...

Polish General Kościuszko, Great American Revolutionary

This 4th of July it seems appropriate to look at one of the great contributors to American Independence. Polish-born General Tadeusz Kościuszko is no stranger to history buffs, but to many Americans today his contribution to our freedom is little...

John Was Not the Light, But Came to Testify to the Light

Many years ago, my brother Jay was in Rome and found lodging in the bell tower of the monastery of Santa Sabina, the heart of the Dominican order. Out the tower window was ledge overlooking a spectacular view of the eternal city high up on the...

Are We Witnessing the Battle Involving an Antimary and an Antichrist?

Several months ago, I raised the question as to whether our age is marked by an antimary movement seen in progressive feminism. If there is such a thing as an antimary, what would it look like, I asked: Well, these women would not value...