Guest Bloggers

How NFP Makes My Life Like a Jane Austen Novel

The fact that my husband was making just over the equivalent of ten thousand (modern British pounds) a year when we got married is not the real reason that Natural Family Planning makes my life like a Jane Austen novel. Neither is the fact that I...

A Surprise Personal Meeting With Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

To have Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI hold your hand and thank you, and describe your vestments as “wonderful, beautiful,” is something I never dreamed could happen 18 months ago when I started my vestments business — Di Clara. With my husband...

‘The Revolution of Tenderness’: Pope Francis Gives Surprise TED Talk

  0:15 Good evening — or, good morning, I am not sure what time it is there. Regardless of the hour, I am thrilled to be participating in your conference. I very much like its title — “The Future You” — because, while looking at tomorrow, it...

A Jesuit Plot to Assassinate President Lincoln?

You have probably never heard of a Jesuit plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, because there wasn’t any. But after the capture and death of John Wilkes Booth on April 26, 1865, authorities began to explore the conspiracy Booth and...

4 Great and Historic Churches of Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a terrific Catholic history with many beautiful churches for visitors to enjoy. Here are a few notable ones.   Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul This is the mother church of Philadelphia, where the bishop has his chair...

Emmaus, Eucharist, and Emma Thompson: The Hidden Mass in ‘Wit’

“The Eucharist is a mode of being, which passes from Jesus into each Christian.” —Pope St. John Paul II “So that's it!” he exclaimed. “What bliss!” —Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Illych

Tradition is Not a Dirty Word — It's a Great Gift

One might loosely define tradition as the authoritative and authentic Christian history of theological doctrines and devotional practices. Christianity is fundamentally grounded in the earth-shattering historical events in the life of Jesus...

The Deep Joy of Easter

Every year I come to Easter and feel like I should be filled with an exuberant joy, like that of the roaring crowd after a walk off game winning home run, but each year I can’t seem to shake the solemnity of the first two Triduum liturgies and...

Creative Ways to Celebrate the Easter Octave and Season as a Family

Nine years ago, my husband Michael and I received a unique statue of the Resurrected Christ for a wedding present. It was pretty dusty and, clearly, something the giver had kept stashed away in some closet somewhere. But, nine years after our...

The Blessed Virgin Mary is Our Role Model

Miserable sinners like us find ourselves in an awkward position when it comes to God and perfect people like the Blessed Virgin Mary. I would approach this issue from several different angles: First, since Mary was indeed without sin (both...