Jimmy Akin

Why Background Knowledge is Important for Spiritual Counsel

Recently I was contacted by an individual seeking spiritual counsel about, among other things, a strange phenomenon he was experiencing. Per my usual policy, I’m not going to identify this individual. I’m also going to refer to him with a...

What Every Catholic Should Know About Obadiah

A Short Book Obadiah is only 21 verses long, which makes it the shortest book of the Old Testament. Because it’s so short, it doesn’t contain as much data as other books, and that means we have less to work with when answering important...

Bart Ehrman is Wrong to Doubt Jesus’ Reputation as a Miracle Worker

Even skeptical scholars who don’t believe that Jesus really worked miracles acknowledge that, during his lifetime, he had a reputation as a healer and an exorcist. The numerous reports of Jesus’ healings and exorcisms in the Gospels are just too...

The Four Gospels are Filled with Reports of Jesus’ Miracles

In his own day, did Jesus have a reputation as a miracle worker? Virtually all scholars—both believers and skeptics—are convinced that he did. The Gospels are filled with reports of his miracles. But Bart Ehrman disagrees. He argues that early...

No Doubt About It: Jesus Was a Miracle Worker, and Everyone Knew It

Despite their disagreements, both believing and skeptical Bible scholars can agree on certain things about the life of Jesus. One of these is that, during his day, Jesus had a reputation as a miracle-worker. Accounts of his healings, exorcisms,...

What Every OCD Sufferer Should Know About Vows and Promises

Have you ever felt a sudden compulsion to promise or vow something to God, even though it seemed irrational? If so, you’re not alone. Sudden, rash impulses are part of the human experience (due to original sin), and for some people, impulses of...

Is It Possible to Pray Across Time?

In the Back to the Future movies, Doc Brown chides Marty McFly for not thinking fourth-dimensionally. He means that Marty—like most of us—is letting his options be limited too much by the here and now. Marty’s not taking into account the...

The Mystery of the Beloved Disciple

Something very strange happens in John’s Gospel. Unlike any of the other Gospels, it indicates—directly—who its author is. And yet it also doesn’t tell us who he is. At the very end of the Gospel, we are told that it was written by a figure...

An Important and Little-Known Fact About the Temple of Jerusalem

Many people have the idea that, in biblical times, the Jerusalem temple was exclusively for Jewish use. This is a natural assumption, given the hostilities that led to the Jewish War of the A.D. 60s, as well as the attitude of some Jewish...

No, Pope Francis Is Not Changing the Lord’s Prayer

Newspapers and websites erupted over the weekend with headlines like: Lord's Prayer: Pope Francis calls for change (BBC) Pope Francis proposes change to the Lord's Prayer (AOL) Pope Francis wants to change the