Joan Frawley Desmond

Best-Selling ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Author J.D. Vance Becomes Catholic

J.D. Vance, the conservative author of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and a Culture in Crisis, the well-timed 2016 memoir about a young white man’s rise from poverty to Yale Law School and career success, has become a Catholic. Rod Dreher...

Planned Parenthood’s True Mission Exposed by Ousted CEO

After years of spin and obfuscation, the unexpected firing of Dr. Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood’s CEO, exposed the real mission and priorities of the nation’s largest abortion provider. Yesterday, a New York Times report on Wen&rsq

A Family Portrait: Brothers, Sisters, Strangers

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem recently derailed a bill that would have legalized commercial surrogacy in New York state and had strong support from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and LGBT activists. In a letter to state lawmakers, Steinem attacked the...

Jordan Peterson’s Old Testament Rules for Life

When Bishop Robert Barron addressed the U.S. bishops during their June assembly this week, he spoke about the challenges of evangelizing the “Nones,” the increasing number of young Americas who are no longer affiliated with organized...

Biden Turns His Back on the Hyde Amendment

Joe Biden’s “middle-of-the-road position on abortion” was riddled with internal contradictions from the get-go, but he still succeeded in setting himself apart from the rest of the Democratic Party leadership. Back in 2007, Biden touted his...

Bishops Clash With Liberal Activists Over Equality Act

Last week, a story headlined, “Some Catholic advocates support Equality Act, despite opposition from U.S. bishops,” and posted on America, the Jesuit media outlet, appeared to mark a fresh Church dispute over the bill, which the U.S. House of...

11 Things to Know About Archbishop Wilton Gregory

1. Archbishop Gregory is the only living African-American archbishop. 2. His appointment was confirmed on the 51st anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. 3. He was born on Dec. 7, 1947, and is 71 years old. 4. If named a...

‘Unplanned’ Isn’t Propaganda, But a Mirror to a Culture of Death

“Unplanned” isn’t a good movie, but it’s effective propaganda.” That’s the takeaway from a Variety film review of “Unplanned,” the new film adaptation of Abby Johnson’s real-life story of a Planned Parenthood clinic manager who becomes a...

More Reasons to Question the Holy See’s Accord with China

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, the Vatican diplomat who helped secure the September 2018 provisional accord between the Holy See and China that formalized rules for appointing bishops, was asked yesterday if he had second thoughts about the...

Why Did Cardinal Wuerl Lie About McCarrick? Here's What You Need to Know

Last week, U.S. Catholics learned that Cardinal Wuerl knew that his disgraced predecessor, Theodore McCarrick, had faced allegations of sexual misconduct with seminarians back in 2004. And when Cardinal Wuerl was accused of lying about his...