Fr. Dwight Longenecker

4 Danger Signs of Cult-Like Behavior, and 4 Antidotes

One of the creepiest things about religion is the tendency for those involved to drift into cult-like behaviors. When I say “cult-like behavior” I don’t simply mean a crazed, enclosed group who commit mass suicide, set up a 24/7 watch for aliens...

Pray Like St. Benedict: Short, Sharp and From the Heart

The six weeks of Lent have accommodated nicely the six aspects of Benedictine spirituality. There are three vows and three tools to put Benedict’s wisdom into practice. The three vows are for the monk to observe obedience, stability and...

Lent With St. Benedict: Ora et Labora, Prayer and Work

During these six weeks of Lent we have been exploring the six aspects of the Benedictine life. The three vows of obedience, stability and conversion of life help to gr

Reading and Renewal of the Mind

During the six weeks of Lent I have been blogging about the six aspects of the Benedictine life. First we considered the three vows of obedience, stability and

Only Conversion Will Bring You the Joy You Seek

In the United States we hold dear our rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, but what if these three ideals could be infused with a more profound motivation? There are three vows for the Benedictines from which all of us can...

‘Stability’ is an Anchor to Christ in a Stormy World

Benedict’s monks and nuns take vows of obedience, stability and conversion of life. Obedience helps to break a person’s selfish will and makes us open to respond with alacrity to the will of God. Stability is the second of three vows, which...

This Lent, Let St. Benedict Teach You the Power of Obedience

Following Jesus in the way of St. Benedict is a time-tested and true way to achieve balance and growth in the spiritual life. The monastic discipline helps us prioritize and direct our efforts to draw closer to Christ, and we don’t have to be...

Why Does God Allow Horrible Evil?

Some time ago the British atheist actor Stephen Fry went public with an eloquent and passionate condemnation of God for creating a world with children’s bone cancer, flesh-eating microbes and cannibalistic serial killers. It’s a old rant, but a...

Why Do Catholic Priests Wear Fancy Robes?

My mother is a sweet Presbyterian lady who has seen four of her five children and their spouses become Catholics. She has taken all this with good faith and good humor — thankful that we all still “love the Lord.” She once asked me why Catholic...

Healing the Father Wound

What was your relationship with your father like? I’ll bet it wasn’t perfect. That’s because your father was human and wasn’t perfect, but there is a deeper reason. It has to do with the way you’re wired. You were designed to need the perfect —...