Fr. Dwight Longenecker

The Dating Game and St. Mark’s Gospel

One of the most commonly held conclusions from modern New Testament scholarship is that the Gospel of Mark is the earliest gospel to have been written and that Luke and Matthew draw on Mark (and an earlier supposed document named ‘Q’) for their...

Sts. Peter and Paul: Two Pillars, Two Ways

In front of St. Peter’s Basilica, like two gigantic guardians of the faith, stand St. Peter and St. Paul. St. Peter the fisherman. St. Paul the intellectual. Peter the rough working class man who speaks from the heart. Paul the man who speaks...

The Shroud of Turin and the Facts

Some time ago a mainstream media outlet reported on the Shroud of Turin and said, “Pope Francis prayed Sunday before the Shroud of Turin, a strip of cloth that some believe was used for the burial of Jesus Christ. The shroud appears to bear the...

Whether Sweet or Sour, Sentimentality is a Swamp

A friend commented about the same-sex controversy, saying that he has family members who are gay and they are furious with the Catholic Church, saying, “Who are they to define marriage?” In discussing the problem we observed that most Americans...

At Pentecost, Mary Immaculate Reveals the Church Immaculate

One of the details we overlooked when we were Protestants is Mary the Mother of the Lord being present with the apostles at Pentecost. Of course it’s there in the Catholic paintings of the scene, but we missed it. We missed it because we had a...

Is There Salvation Outside the Church?

It’s pretty clear in the Gospel, isn’t it? Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This sounds clear: “Jesus is the only way to God.” When you combine this with the teaching in the third...

How to Bring the Sword of the Spirit to a Gospel Gunfight

Have you ever been tempted to be a Catholic Wyatt Earp? You know, to be a Catholic gunslinger, a Quick Draw McGraw of the apologetics scene? Soon after I became a Catholic I would sometimes get myself involved with a Protestant in what I later...

4 Danger Signs of Cult-Like Behavior, and 4 Antidotes

One of the creepiest things about religion is the tendency for those involved to drift into cult-like behaviors. When I say “cult-like behavior” I don’t simply mean a crazed, enclosed group who commit mass suicide, set up a 24/7 watch for aliens...

Pray Like St. Benedict: Short, Sharp and From the Heart

The six weeks of Lent have accommodated nicely the six aspects of Benedictine spirituality. There are three vows and three tools to put Benedict’s wisdom into practice. The three vows are for the monk to observe obedience, stability and...

Lent With St. Benedict: Ora et Labora, Prayer and Work

During these six weeks of Lent we have been exploring the six aspects of the Benedictine life. The three vows of obedience, stability and conversion of life help to gr