Matthew Archbold

Pew: Evangelical Support For Trump Higher Than Catholics

Evangelical approval of Trump remains high, according to new polling from Pew Research Center, but other religious groups, such as Catholics aren't as supportive. Why? That's a question worth asking but first let's delve into the numbers a...

“Later Abortion: A Love Story” is a Modern-Day Horror Story

The leftist website Jezebel isn't exactly where you look for a sane, logical approach to issues, but every once in a while they set their click baiters on stun and I just have to look. The story I read today was titled “Later Abortion: A Love...

Satanist Fights for Abortion — and Loses Badly

How much do satanists hate babies, huh? A woman who is a member of the Satanic Temple in Missouri sued all the way to the state Supreme Court for the right to abort her child without the burden of having to wait three days and reading a pamphlet....

Tim Tebow’s Perfect Response to Someone Yelling ‘Jesus’ After His Golf Swing

This is just perfect. I'll set the scene for you. Former quarterback and current Mets infielder Tim Tebow was taking part in the Wrangler Celebrity Charity Shootout in Atlanta, Georgia. Proceeds support the Tim Tebow Foundation annual's "Night to...

Oregon to Become First State to Require Home Surveillance of Babies?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is pushing to make the state the first to require universal home visits for newborn children. If your internal "uh-oh" alarms are not sounding loudly, please check your batteries. The bill was introduced last month...

Misleading Photos and the Narrative

During the past few days, pundits wrongly excoriated a young Catholic school student on the basis of a misleading picture. They did this without knowing the facts. They were happy to do so because it fit their narrative.

Holiness and the Art of Catholic Dodgeball

Catholicism is always countercultural. As evidence of this, my children's Catholic grammar school is running a dodgeball tournament as part of Catholic Schools Week. Let's face it, you don't get much more counter cultural than dodgeball. I know...

Actor Neal McDonough on How His Catholic Faith Nearly Destroyed his Career

Actor Neal McDonough for years has talked openly about his faith and how his fidelity to his wife nearly cost him his career in Hollywood. You might not know the name but you'll likely recognize him in the photo above. You might recall that...

Sorry HuffPo, The Pro-Life Movement is Not “Devious”

A Huffington Post piece typically has all the intellectual depth of an Arby’s menu but a recent one targeting pro-lifers spelunks into depths of insanity as of yet unrecorded by archaeologists, historians, and maybe even actors. I will not link...

Astronauts Who Read Genesis on Christmas Eve — and Got Sued

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing videos I've ever seen. On Christmas Eve 1968, as they orbited the moon for the first time, astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders recited the first ten verses of the book of Genesis...