Matthew Archbold

Sorry HuffPo, The Pro-Life Movement is Not “Devious”

A Huffington Post piece typically has all the intellectual depth of an Arby’s menu but a recent one targeting pro-lifers spelunks into depths of insanity as of yet unrecorded by archaeologists, historians, and maybe even actors. I will not link...

Astronauts Who Read Genesis on Christmas Eve — and Got Sued

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing videos I've ever seen. On Christmas Eve 1968, as they orbited the moon for the first time, astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders recited the first ten verses of the book of Genesis...

The Uncool Dad vs. Pet Day

This is my latest "Uncool Dad" video. I hope you enjoy. It's about what I learned about parenting the day I brought a dead lizard to school. 

Frank Capra vs. the Devil

Frank Capra, the legendary director of heartwarming films such as “It's a Wonderful Life” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” fought against the temptation to dilute his values in his work. Capra, a Catholic, didn't just have to fight Hollywood...

They Just Don't Get It

The Vatican’s stunning request that the American bishops press pause on voting on a plan to address the abuse crisis highlighted the sad fact that they still just don't get it. When the news stories broke about sexual abuse over a decade and a...

Josef Mengele Escaped to Argentina and Became an Abortionist

In the early 1990's, Argentine authorities opened its archives to reveal that several Nazi war criminals found safe haven in South America, including Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as Auschwitz’s Angel of Death. Mengele is infamous for his...

The Seams of Civilization are Tearing

We have lost something. We have lost it because we broke it and we don't know which pieces to pick up. Destroying is always easier than building. This nation which was built on the motto “E Pluribus Unum” has become... fractured. Some seem to...

100 Years Ago, Hollywood Made an Anti-Abortion Movie

I keep reading that Hollywood wanted nothing to do with the new movie Gosnell because abortion is such a divisive topic. That, of course, is complete manure. They want nothing to do with pro-life movies because they hate pro-lifers. If they...

10 Ways the Mafia Isn't Like the Abortion Industry

Pope Francis recently compared the abortion industry to the mafia. If you ask me, that's not really being fair to the mafia though. Here are 10 ways the mafia is different than the abortion industry. 1) The mafia doesn’t receive millions in...

Twitter Does Job Georgetown Won't

So apparently, a Georgetown University professor tweeting about castrating senators who support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was too much for Twitter but not quite evil enough for Georgetown. How sad is that? This nominally Catholic...