Msgr. Charles Pope

Why I Oppose Changing the English Translation of the Our Father

Recent remarks by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, cast doubt on the traditional English rendering of the Lord’s Prayer. To be fair to the Pope, reports that he is calling for the Our Father to be changed are incorrect. He did not propose any...

‘Peter Is Here’: What Every Catholic Should Know About Relics and the Human Body

I recently returned from a pilgrimage to Italy. Almost 90 of us made the journey from my Archdiocese of Washington to visit many of the Catholic sites there. Many graces and beautiful sites unfolded before us. Among the greatest graces we...

A Video that Models Joyfully Inviting Others to the Traditional Latin Mass

Early in 2016, I wrote a column that generated a great deal of controversy among traditional Catholics. Here is a brief summary of that piece: The Traditional Latin Mass (TLM)

St. Michael and Our Lady of Fatima

This story originally appeared at the Register on Jan. 18, 2017.​   I have written elsewhere about why I think that 2017 will be a critical year. I believe it will be a year of hidden blessings or one of something so shocking that it will usher...

The Times Are Urgent and We Must Heed the Warnings of Our Lady

I would like to reflect on Sunday’s parable of the vineyard owner to see its application to our times. Here is a brief summary: A landowner set forth a vineyard with great care and lavish attention. He then entrusted it to tenant farmers. At...

Catholics Beware: The Attack on Free Speech is Growing Stronger

Hate is a strong word. It means “to regard with extreme ill-will, have a passionate aversion to, treat as an enemy” (source: Online Etymology Dictionary, True hatred is ugly. One should exercise care in attributing hatred to...

How to Respond When People Say, ‘Who Am I to Judge?’

A few years ago a certain famous Catholic posed the following rhetorical question: “Who am I to judge?” It was a question heard ’round the world. Although the remark was taken out of context (he was speaking of a person with sinful and disordered...

A Reflection on the Removal of Controversial Statues

Understanding our story is a critical aspect of the life of every Christian. We all have a story, a narrative of how God brought us to birth and has interacted with us. It is filled with successes and struggles, virtues and vices. Knowing that...

Do Not Be Deceived: Christ Forbids Homosexual Acts, and the Church Cannot Teach Otherwise

A steady march of the sexual revolution into deeper and deeper confusion has left many Catholics and fellow Christians confused themselves. But there should be no confusion nor is there permissible dissent by any Catholic (lay or cleric) from...

Why Traditional Priestly Cassocks are Making a Comeback

The cassock was once the most common form of clerical attire in the parish setting, but beginning in the late 1960s it was almost universally abandoned. Today, however, younger clergy have to some extent rediscovered it. It’s a bit like something...