Philip Kosloski

Fourth Spiritual Work of Mercy: To Bear Wrongs Patiently

The fourth spiritual work of mercy is one that is simple in theory, but difficult in practice: “to bear wrongs patiently.” We all know how to be charitable and patient to those who are pleasant, kind and humble. However, our initial reaction is...

“Admonish the Sinner”: Pope Francis and the Third Spiritual Work of Mercy

The third spiritual work of mercy is one that few of us like to engage in: “admonish the sinner.” This work of mercy is highly misunderstood and many of us do not know how to “admonish” in a Christian context. Providentially, Pope Francis has...

Second Spiritual Work of Mercy: “Counsel the Doubtful”

The second spiritual work of mercy is to “counsel the doubtful.” We find this work of mercy throughout the New Testament, particularly in Saint Paul’s epistles. Generally speaking, each of Saint Paul’s letters are aimed at “counseling the...

"Instruct the Ignorant": The First Spiritual Work of Mercy

In preparation for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has repeatedly stressed the importance of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. In the Bull of Indiction he wrote, “It is my burning desire that, duri

To Win the War Against Abortion, We Must Fight a Battle Against Apathy

This past Saturday I was asked to coordinate a local rally to protest Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts. I was surprised by the positive turnout, as our city is relatively small and our weekly prayer vigils in front of Planned...

How You Can Live in the Present Moment

Too often we fall into the trap of dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future. A consequence of this frame of mind is that we become frozen in time. We are unable to move forward because either our history haunts us or we are...

Creation Is a Gift, But Heaven Is Our Home

With the recent announcement of the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation,” we are again reminded that we have a duty to preserve what God has given to us. It reminds us that we are to be stewards of creation instead of masters, but what...

The Pro-Life Movement is a Battle, But It's a Battle of Love

The abortion debate has taken center stage this summer and the videos released on the activities of Planned Parenthood have shed new light on this hot topic. It has allowed all of us to reflect upon the core issue behind a woman’s right to choose...

What Can We Do To Combat Satan’s Influence?

The Devil made his public appearance this past weekend as the Satanic Temple of Detroit unveiled their nine-foot-tall, 2,000-pound bronze statue during a hedonistic party at the Lauhoff Corporation building on July 25. This public display even...

Men Need to be Strong Spiritual Bastions in the Family

In our culture, fathers are becoming less and less a part of our children’s lives and the absence of fathers has contributed greatly to the downfall of Christian culture in America. Currently, 40 percent of American children do not grow up with...