Rebecca Hamilton

In This Vale of Tears, God’s Help Comes in Surprising Ways

Cancer is about more than the person who has cancer. It’s also about the family and friends who gather around to support you through this illness, who walk with you and take care of you and, sometimes, hold your hand as you say that final...

As Long as the Dems are the Party of Abortion, They Deserve to Lose

Recently, Democrats for Life sent me an email asking for money to help a pro-life Democrat who was in a run-off in Louisiana for the United States Senate. I donated money to the guy. It wasn’t much money, but it represented my best wishes and...

Repent and Believe in the Gospel, and Walk With Christ in 2017

If there ever was a year I was glad to see kicked to the curb, 2016 was it. I think of it as the year of cancer. It was, largely, a lost year. Thanks to the drugs and the tune-out thing of sickness, I don’t even remember big parts of it. I...

Come Out of the Cold This Advent

I needed spiritual guidance and I didn’t know where to turn. This election and the evils thereof had driven me to hatred and a kind of despair about people and the integrity of many Christian religious leaders. I needed spiritual guidance, a...

At the Very Moment of Your Death, Christ Will Judge Your Soul

Our Holy Father spoke about the end times during his Angelus on the first Sunday of Advent. We all — believer and unbeliever — know that there will be an end. The end of all things rims our lives like a horizon all our days.  The truth is, we...

We Must Speak Out More Boldly on Behalf of Persecuted Christians

Have American Christians abandoned their persecuted brothers and sisters around the globe? Anyone watching this presidential campaign might be justified in thinking that we have. Does anyone recall hearing a question and answers about the...

If Our Children Ask For a Loving Home, Do We Give Them Mammon Instead?

What with the Theology of the Body Congress, the big march in defense of marriage in Mexico, and Family Day in Rome, I think it’s safe to say that the Year of Mercy includes an emphasis on healing the family. We have, as individuals an

How Do I Dress My New Body?

I well remember the confusion I felt as teen when the hormones flooded in and my trusty little-girl body began changing. The first time I wore a bra, I hated it. As soon as I got home from school, I took it off and tossed it away. My mama laughed...

Pro-Lifers Must Entrust Our Efforts to Christ, for Abortion is Satanic

As I mentioned previously, an out-of-state abortion business is opening an abortion clinic a few blocks from my home parish. I am blessed to be part of a wonderful parish. It is full of people who love Jesus and who work for the good, including...

The Ninevites Believed Jonah and Repented; Can America Do Likewise?

An abortion clinic is opening two blocks from the parish where I go to encounter the Risen Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Parents will drive the children who attend our parish school past the abortion clinic on their way to class. I will drive past...