Steven D. Greydanus

What About the Death Penalty?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Last week there was celebration among pro-life Alabamians as Gov. Kay Ivey signed one of the nation’s strongest bans on abortion. Similar measures advanced in other states, including Missouri and Tennessee. On Thursday...

Still Easter: The Resurrection and God’s Great Do-Over

When you lose someone close to you, especially unexpectedly, often you find yourself thinking about the last thing you said to them or the last thing they said to you. I was thinking about that this week reading about that heroic college student...

Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy is ‘Extremely Wicked’—Here’s What He Isn’t

Charismatic or fascinating serial killers are a well-established type in Hollywood mythology, Hannibal Lecter in his many incarnations being only the most celebrated. Lecter, of course, is fiction, but Ted Bundy was as close to the reality...

Why Mary Magdalene Gets a Bad Rap

A reader of my review of Mary Magdalene offers an impassioned defense for the medieval Western view of St. Mary Magdalene as a penitent with a notoriously wanton sexual past, a profligate adulteress or harlot: Mary Magdalene is the sole woman...

Baptizing Infants, Ordaining Women? My Road to Rome, Part 2

See also: My Road to Rome, Part 1 My journey from Protestantism to Catholicism began, in part, with doubts about the Protestant case for the canon of scripture. (Yikes, my first post in this series was over a year ago! God willing, Part 3 will...

Divine Mercy and Easter Week: A Concern and a Solution?

Just over 7 years ago I made a confession in a blog post (“When Devotions Aren’t Helpful,” April 13, 2012) regarding a certain tension I felt each year praying the Divine Mercy Novena that begins on Good Friday and ends on the eve of Divine Mercy...

Ranking Narnia: C.S. Lewis’ Highs and Lows (Part 2)

See also: Part 1 If the Odyssey-like journey east in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (see Part 1) is the finest achievement of mythic worldbuilding in the Narnia stories, the second finest is in the descent into the underworld in The Silver...

Ranking Narnia: C.S. Lewis’ Highs and Lows (Part 1)

Read more: Part 2 Earlier this week Notre Dame’s Patrick Deneen tweeted his own personal ranking of C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia — and Catholic Twitter exploded. Just finished Lenten reading Chronicles of Narnia. Loved them as a...

The Rock God Can’t Lift: Actually, It’s NOT Complicated!

This week there was much exasperation and merriment in Catholic social media over a very silly op-ed in the New York Times that actually raised the age-old question — I swear I am not making this up — “Can God create a rock so heavy that he can’t...

If Non-Catholics Can Be Saved, Why Evangelize?

See also: It’s Complicated: Islam and violence | The problem of evil Not long ago I got two converging questions from two divergent points of view, one from a lapsed Catholic friend and one from a conservative Catholic believer. My la