Steven D. Greydanus

Clerical Abuse: Thinking Like Human Beings, Thinking Like God

Note: This is one of the tougher homilies I’ve preached. It was also one of the best received. My takeaway: The faithful don’t want homilists to dodge the hard topics. We must not fear the truth. — SDG A few weeks ago my family and I were...

Being Pro-life 2: What About Contraception?

Part 1 | Part 2 Part 1 summary: Life issues or pro-life issues are far broader than one or two issues (abortion and euthanasia). While this is debated by pro-life Catholics, Pope St. John Paul II clarifies the issues in The Gospel of

What Does it REALLY Mean to be ‘Pro‑Life’?

Part 1 | Part 2 Within the last week, the term “pro-life” has come under crossfire from two Catholic writers coming from almost diametrically opposed perspectives. “The Pro-Life Movement Has Lost,” writes Rebecca Bratten Weiss at Patheos, while...

The Surprise of Jesus

Recently Suzanne and I were talking with friends here at St. John’s about our first impressions of this beautiful church. I remember being here for the first time, over 16 years ago, and being amazed at the beauty of this church in comparison to...

Corpus Christi: What Would Be Too Much to Ask?

Sweetest Jesus, Body and Blood most Holy, be the delight and pleasure of my soul, my strength and salvation in all temptations, my joy and peace in every trial, my light and guide in every word and deed, and my final protection in death....

The Two Roadblocks on the Road to Holiness

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Easter, we hear two great images of Christ crucified and resurrected as the basis of our life with God in the Church. The first, from the Gospel, is Christ the Good Shepherd who lays down his...

Stephen Hawking: Who Breathes the Fire?

When I woke up this morning to the news that Stephen Hawking had died, it felt oddly like I had only just seen him. I hadn’t, of course, but I was literally yesterday perusing one of his books while blogging about wormholes and quantum physics in...

Tesseracts, Wormholes, Quantum Physics—and the Eucharist!

In Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time there’s a discussion about space-time that uses a four-dimensional geometrical shape called a tesseract (the square of a cube, as a cube itself is the square of a square) to approach the idea of a...

Doubting Sola Scriptura: My Road to Rome, Part 1

Two of the most important books in my journey from Evangelicalism to Catholicism were a pair of older apologetical works — one anti-Catholic and one Catholic — which I found laughably unconvincing when I first encountered them in college some 30...

Best Films of 2017: More Lists!

Each year, after cataloguing my own annual top films list but before the Oscars, I take stock of the year’s top films according to a small circle of friends and peers in the world of Christian cinephiles and film writers. In recent years, our...