Steven D. Greydanus

McCarrick and the Anti-Beatitudes

One of the most familiar and important passages in all of scripture is the famous Sermon on the Mount in St. Matthew’s Gospel, which begins with the Beatitudes. But that’s not what we just heard today. Today is the first of four consecutive...

The Divine Romance and the Culture of Life

St. John the Evangelist tells us in today’s Gospel a story of a wedding, but so does the prophet Isaiah in our first reading: the wedding of God and his people. …you shall be called “My Delight,” and your land “Espoused.” For the LORD delights...

Silent Night? Are We With the Shepherds … Or Herod’s Soldiers?

On this very night, exactly two hundred years ago, the world received a great gift: one without which tonight would not be the same for so many of us. In 1818, in a small church in a small town in what is now Austria, for the first time, the...

The Whole Catholic Faith On One Foot!

Imagine a non-Catholic coming to you and saying, “Tell you what: I’ll become Catholic if you can explain your faith to me while I stand on one foot. Ready? Go!” What would you say? What could you say in so short a time? Believe it or not, that...

Male and Female: Catholic Teaching and Gender Ideology

“It is not good for the man to be alone.” The words “not good” jump out in the first reading, from Genesis 2 — especially if we go back and start reading in Genesis 1, with the six days of creation, in which God looks day by day at his work and...

Mary and the DC Sniper Attacks: My Rosary Story

When Suz and I first began to talk about becoming Catholic, one of the first things she wanted to know was: “If I become Catholic, will I have to pray the Rosary?” “No,” I assured her. “Catholics are not obliged to pray the Rosary.” She also...

Kavanaugh, Cosby, McCarrick, Compartmentalizing, Conversion — and Integrity

New York Times op-ed writer Frank Bruni writes in “The Many Faces of Brett Kavanaugh” about the different, sometimes conflicting facets that make up the people we know, or think we know. His comments resonate in part with some of my own recent...

Clerical Abuse: Thinking Like Human Beings, Thinking Like God

Note: This is one of the tougher homilies I’ve preached. It was also one of the best received. My takeaway: The faithful don’t want homilists to dodge the hard topics. We must not fear the truth. — SDG A few weeks ago my family and I were...

Being Pro-life 2: What About Contraception?

Part 1 | Part 2 Part 1 summary: Life issues or pro-life issues are far broader than one or two issues (abortion and euthanasia). While this is debated by pro-life Catholics, Pope St. John Paul II clarifies the issues in The Gospel of

What Does it REALLY Mean to be ‘Pro‑Life’?

Part 1 | Part 2 Within the last week, the term “pro-life” has come under crossfire from two Catholic writers coming from almost diametrically opposed perspectives. “The Pro-Life Movement Has Lost,” writes Rebecca Bratten Weiss at Patheos, while...