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Cultural Assimilation Corrupted the Church in America, Secret To Permanent Focus On God, and More!

Cultural Assimilation Has Corrupted the Church in America ☩ Jason Surmiller, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine +1 The Secret To Permanen

Exposing the Anti-Mary, How Can Eating Desserts During Lent Be Fasting, and More Great Links!

Exposing the Anti-Mary: An Interview with Carrie Gress ☩ Shane Kepler at Catholic Exchange +1 The Trend of "Doing

Amazon's Anti-Christian Policies, Leonardo da Vinci's Only Surviving Sculpture, and More!

Amazon’s Anti-Christian, Pro-Muslim & Nazi-Neutral Policies ☩ John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream +1 “Virgin &

How Did Cain Find A Wife, Does Christ’s Church Need to Be Restored, Sacred Music, and More!

How Did Cain Find A Wife? ☩ Kosloski at Aleteia +1 Does Christ’s Church Need to Be ‘Restored’?

The Holy See and Cardinal Pell, The Glorious Calamity That Is the Church in Germany, and More Links!

The Holy See & Cardinal Pell ☩ George Weigel at The Catholic World Report +1 229 Ladies & Gentlemen, the Church in Germany, In All Her Glori

Protestant Says 5 Things Lost Because Of The Reformation, Making Sense Of Post Vatican II, and More!

Protestant Acknowledges “Five Things We Lost Because Of The Reformation” – One Of The Best I’ve Read On It - Defenders of the Catholic Faith +1

Fr. Z Rants About Mass and Triumphalism, Why Does God Permit the Devil To Tempt Us, and More Links!

Mass & Triumphalism; Wherein Fr. Z Rants ☩ Fr. Z's Blog +1 Why Does God Permit the Devil To Tempt Us?

Did Pope Pius XII Prophesy About the Church Today, What Was Lent Like In the Early Church, and More!

Did Pius XII Prophesy About a “Church Which Remains Silent & Weakens the Law of God”? ☩ Billy Ryan at uCatholic +1 W

Church Groups Are Losing Members, Wherein Fr. Z Rants; Correct Way To Fast by Chrysostom; and More!

Church Groups Are Losing Members; Wherein Fr. Z Rants ☩ Fr. Z's Blog +1 Here is the Correct Way To Fast, According to St. John Chrysostom

Fast Growing Order of Nuns Choose Texas, No Food Only Beer Fast Like a 17th Century Monk, and More!

A Fast-Growing Order of Nuns Chose the Texas Hill Country for Expansion Because 'Texans Just Get It' ☩ Elizabeth Souder of The Dal