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There Can Be No ‘Paradigm Shifts’ in the Church, Poverty & Liturgical Art, and More!

Development, or Corruption; There Can Be No ‘Paradigm Shifts’ in the Church - Gerhard Cardinal Müller, First Things+++  Comment: Poverty & Liturgical Art &

St. Ignatius of Loyola's Formula for Raising Millions, Mary Magdalene Movie Review, and More!

St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Secret Formula for Raising Millions - Brice Sokolowski, CatholicFundraiser.net Movie Review: Mary Magdalene (2018

Christ’s Masculinity is a Model for Boys, The American Story of Black Catholic Nuns, and More!

Christ’s Masculinity: A Model for Educating Boys – Patrick Whalen, Catholic Exchange How Black Catholic Nuns Rewrote the American Story – Dia. B.

Major Protestant YouTube Star Converting to Catholicism, The Curse Stops Here, and More Great Links!

Major Protestant YouTube Star Announces She’s Converting to Catholicism - ChurchPop+++

‘The Imitation of Christ’ on Humility, If You Can’t Fast from Meat, & More!

5 Challenging Quotes from ‘The Imitation of Christ’ on Humility – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia T

Have a Deeper Lent, What is the Sign of the Cross, Where Exactly Was Jesus Baptized, and More Links!

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How a Parish Eucharistic Group Helped Revive a Church, Ancient Altar Found, and More Great Links!

How a Parish Eucharistic Group Helped Revive a Church – Fr. Alan Robinson, Catholic Herald Ancient Altar in Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre Fou

Myths About Papal Infallibility People Still Believe, Is Vatican Flirting With Communism, and More!

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For a Better Online Discussion; The Vocation of a Soldier, Service, and the Act of Love; & More!

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This Book Inspires Creators to Connect with God, Go to Confession This Lent, and More Great Links!

This Book Inspires Creators to Connect with God – Theresa Williams, epicPew If You Do Only One Thing This Lent, Remember Your Death – Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, Aleteia