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Do Not Be Afraid of Confession, Top Aussie Journalist and Atheist Defends Cardinal Pell, and More!

“Don’t Be Afraid of Confession. . .Feelings Don’t Determine Forgiveness,” Parish Priest Encourages ☩ ChurchPOP +1

I Bet You Did Not Know These Facts About The Bible, Percentage Of Souls Who Go to Heaven, And More!

I Bet You Didn’t Know these Facts About the Bible ☩ Shaun McAfee, O.P., of epicPew +1 Percentage of souls who go to heaven vs. hell; How

What Changed This Anti-Catholics Mind About The Faith, Mystery of Near-Death Experiences, and More!

“I Was Blown Away”: What Changed This Anti-Catholic’s Mind About The Faith After 30 Years ☩ ChurchPOP +1

Great American Heresy is “I’m a Good Person”, Things To Do Before Lent and More!

The Great American Heresy is “I’m a Good Person” ☩ Darwin Catholic +1

Is Science Confirming Genesis, The Slow Death of Manhood, Anglican Patrimony for Catholics and More!

Y-Chromosome Adam & Mitochondrial Eve: Is Science Confirming Genesis? ☩ Scott Smith, J.D., of All Roads Lead To Rome +1

Correcting Fr. James Martin; Open Letter To Bishops: Resign If You Need To; Pray; and More Links!

Correcting Father James Martin, S.J. ☩ Fr. Dwight Longenecker +1 Open Letter to Priests Bishops & Priests: Resign If You

Chrysostom Spells Out What Loving Your Wife is All About, Great Catholic Priesthood Video, and More!

Tall Orders for Husbands: Chrysostom Spells Out What Loving Your Wife is All About ☩ Kathleen N. Hattrup of Aleteia +1 This Video Will Change the Way You Think

10 Ways Catholic Families Can Raise Atheist Kids, A Meal Before Administering Communion, and More!

10 Ways Catholic Families Can Raise Atheist Children ☩ Troy Hinkel, Ph.D., of Shameless Popery +1 Quæritur

19th Cent. Nun Prophesized Todays Persecuted Church, Before and After Church Redecoration, and More!

Did a 19th Century Nun Prophesy Today’s Persecuted Church? The Little-Known Revelations of Venerable Mary Potter ☩ Georgette Bechara of ChurchPOP +1

A Village With No Kiddies Then Something Stunning Ensued; 5 Ways to Practice Forgiveness; and More!

A Village in Russia Had No Children & Its School Was About to Close Then Something Beautiful Happened. . . ☩ Marcus Roberts of Mercatornet +1 Five W