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No Mercy Without Conversion

Sunday, April 23, is the Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday (Year A). Mass Readings: Acts 2:42-47; Psalms 118:2-4, 13-15, 22-24; 1 Peter 1:3-9; John 20:19-31 This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, but it is no longer the Year of Mercy. The...

Fatima and Divine Mercy Are Eternally Linked

The centennial of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, which began in May 1917, brings to light a little realized, but most vital, bond: Fatima and Divine Mercy are closely connected. Less than 15 years after our Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima,...

Catholic Coffee Klatch: Chatting With Lord David Alton

Visiting the House of Lords gives a glimpse of a very different Britain from that experienced every day. The Victorian Gothic architecture exudes an air of solid stability, staff seem to relish their roles of slightly unctuous affability, and...

A Modest Proposal for an Immodest Culture

Moral virtues are good habits that make us strong. Virtues are to the person what nutrition is to the body. “Empowerment” has become a buzz word for radical feminists who want to become strong. Yet they often go about shunning what truly makes...

Meet the Bishop Who Stood Up to the Nazis

 THE LION OF MÜNSTER  The Bishop Who Roared Against the Nazis By Father Daniel Utrecht Tan Books, 2016 404 pages, $29.95 To order:   In Germany, in 1933, two men came to power: One raised evil to new heights, and the other...

‘Real Pastoring Can’t Do Without the Truth’

Six lay academics from around the world will address a conference in Rome Saturday on how to bring clarity to a controversial chapter of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy

Supreme Court Scrutinizes Key Missouri Religious-Discrimination Case

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments this week in a noteworthy religious-discrimination case that some observers believe could have ramifications for related issues, such as school choice and whether states can deny public services...

‘Jesus of Nazareth’ Turns 40

In the four decades since it made its debut on Palm Sunday and Easter of 1977, I’ve watched Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth in bits and pieces far more often than I’ve watched the whole thing. That’s not just because it’s nearly six and a...

Pwoje Espwa: Where Education Gives Life in Haiti

LES CAYES, Haiti — The sun casts forth its bright rays over the countryside of Les Cayes, a southern town bounded by the crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, where the lush, green plain stretches forth to the majestic mountains that rise up...

Niece Reflects on Sanctity of Soon-to-be-Canonized Fatima Visionaries

FATIMA, Portugal — The niece of Blesseds Franciso and Jacinta Marto has voiced excitement for the May 13 canonization of her relatives, sharing stories of the time of the Fatima apparitions and personal memories of what it was like growing up in...