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Sri Lanka Attack and the Notre Dame Fire (April 27)

Holy Week and Easter witnessed evil attacks in Sri Lanka and the terrible fire of Notre Dame in Paris. It was a time of loss and violence even as the Christians everywhere celebrated the Resurrection. This week on Register Radio, we talk to...

What is a Red-Pilled Bishop?

Dr. Matthew Bunson sits down with Bishop Joseph E. Strickland of the diocese of Tyler.

Patti Armstrong Joins to Discuss Concerns One Exorcist has about Walmart.

Register contributor Patti Armstrong warns about some strange products at Wal-Mart. And the deep concerns one exorcist has about these dangerous items available with an easy on-line click. We also talk about Heartbeat bills on this episode of...

Meet Solène Tadie and Alyssa Murphy (3/23/2019)

Lent offers each of us an opportunity to reflect upon our faith journey. It’s a time to take account of where we are with God and where we are going. Here the stories of two of the Register’s newest staff members our European correspondent Solène...

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish and Cardinal Newman (3/16/2019)

Pope Francis approved a miracle last month that will make Blessed John Henry Newman a saint. This week on Register Radio, we talk the Register’s UK correspondent, Kevin Turley. Plus, more than 50 years after its invention, the Filet-O-Fish...

Fasting and Lenten Movies (3/9/2019)

Jeannette DeMelo talks with Catholic writer Emily Stimpson Chapman about fasting during Lent. Also Deacon Steve Greydanus recommends some movies to watch during Lent.

Cardinal Pell, and Was the Vatican Summit a Success? (3/2/2019)

Did Cardinal Pell receive a fair trial? The Register Vatican correspondent Edward Pentin reports on this from Rome. Then Jeanette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson discuss the outcomes of the Sexual Abuse Summit, what lies ahead for sexual abuse reform...

Summit on the Sexual Abuse of Minors (2/23/2019)

Bishops from around the world gathered in Rome for Pope Francis’ Summit on the Sexual Abuse of Minors to discussion a united approach to Church reform. Reporting on this historic event from the Eternal City is the Register’s Rome Correspondent...

Abortion Laws in the United States (2/16/2019)

Louisiana pro-lifers experienced a setback last week when the Supreme Court blocked a state law from taking effect that would have required doctors performing abortions to hold admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Jeanette DeMelo, Matthew...

Pope Francis in UAE (02/09/2019)

Pope Francis visits the United Arab Emirates in a historic trip to the Saudi Arabian peninsula. What happened in the Muslim country? And what happened on the papal flight back to Rome? Did Pope Francis make news as he usually does? This week on...