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Cardinal Di Nardo on Hurricane Harvey (9/2/2017)

On Register Radio this week, Cardinal Daniel Di Nardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston gives us a first hand account of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, its effects on Church property and its toll on the people who have lost so much.

The Catholic Take on Confederate Statues (8/26/2017)

Confederate statues and monuments reminiscent of slavery in our country have become the subject of debate and protest that in Charlotteville ended in violence. What should Catholics make of the controversy over statues? This week on Register...

Charlottesville and the Solar Eclipse (8/19/2017)

As America continues to grapple with the terrible events in Charlottesville, Catholics are asking what the Faith can teach us about overcoming the evils of hatred and racism and restoring a culture the helps see us Christ in others. We'll discuss...

Apostolic Pardon for the Dying (8/12/2017)

Most Catholics are familiar with the last rites, which include the sacraments of penance, anointing of the sick and viaticum, but surprisingly few are familiar with the apostolic pardon and how it might bring immense comfort both to the dying and...

Spain’s Cathedral of Cordoba (8/5/2017)

The Spanish Cathedral of Cordoba has been the center of Catholic life in the city since the year 1236. Today, it is under threat from a movement to seize it from the Catholic Church. What’s the story behind this campaign? This week on Register...

10 Years of ‘Summorum Pontificum’ (7/29/2017)

Ten years ago, Pope Benedict XVI issued his famous motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, expanding the use of the traditional Latin Mass. What was its impact on the Church? This week on Register Radio, we find out. Listen to Register Radio as we...

50 Years of Land O’Lakes (7/22/2017)

It’s the 50th anniversary of the controversial Land O’Lakes statement. How did the declaration affect Catholic colleges and universities? On this week's Register Radio we discuss the pursuit of academic excellence that turned into the decline of...

Same-Sex Attraction (7/15/2017)

How can the Catholic Church accompany men and women who are attracted to the same sex? A couple recent books attempt to answer that question. In a conversation with writer Judy Roberts, Register Radio examines ambiguities in some so called gay...

Convocation of Catholic Leaders (7/8/2017)

This week thousands of Catholics gathered in Orlando for the historic Convocation of Catholic Leaders to discuss how to bring the joy of the Gospel to America, and the National Catholic Register was there.

Archbishop Timothy Broglio (7/1/2017)

This week, we celebrate our Nation's Independence with a look into the heroic work of America’s Catholic military chaplains and the needs of military families serving around the world. Join us on Register Radio for a conversation with Archbishop...