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The Catholic Reformation, and “High Calling” (11/4/2017)

This week we discuss “High Calling,” the Archdiocese of Los Angeles seminary’s new “propaedeutic year,” or introductory period of formation for seminarians. We also take a closer look at the Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation.

500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation (10/28/2017)

500 years ago this week, Martin Luther launched a revolt against the Church that became known as the Protestant Reformation. Christian unity was shattered, and we are still feeling the impact of Luther and the other Reformers. The National...

The Cult of Santa Muerte (10/21/2017)

As All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day and All Souls Day draw close, we take a deeper look at the dangerous cult of Santa Muerte (‘Saint Death’). And on a much lighter note, we also introduce the new editor-in-chief of Catholic News Agency on this...

5 Faces of Jesus and the Olive Mass (9/30/2017)

This week, we talk with food expert Father Leo Patalinghug about the Olive Mass and the importance of the shared meal. Then we look at the five faces of Christ with Register contributor Father Dwight Longenecker.

Fr. Stanley Rother (9/23/2017)

Father Stanley Rother—priest, missionary, martyr and Oklahoma Native—will be beatified this weekend. He’s the first American-born martyr to be beatified. On Register Radio this week Abp. Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City talks about the new martyr.

Remembering Mother Teresa (9/16/2017)

Twenty years after the death of Mother Teresa on Sept. 5, the founder of the Missionaries of Charity continues to inspire. Susan Conroy remembers her time with St. Teresa of Calcutta. Then we catch up with a former Register staffer who traded...

The Sistine Chapel Choir Tours the US (9/9/2017)

“The Pope’s choir” will be performing in New York City, Detroit, and Washington, DC. In this show, we'll learn more about the The Sistine Chapel Choir's US tour. Then it’s back into school time—and one energized pastor is making sure his parish...

Cardinal Di Nardo on Hurricane Harvey (9/2/2017)

On Register Radio this week, Cardinal Daniel Di Nardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston gives us a first hand account of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, its effects on Church property and its toll on the people who have lost so much.

The Catholic Take on Confederate Statues (8/26/2017)

Confederate statues and monuments reminiscent of slavery in our country have become the subject of debate and protest that in Charlotteville ended in violence. What should Catholics make of the controversy over statues? This week on Register...

Charlottesville and the Solar Eclipse (8/19/2017)

As America continues to grapple with the terrible events in Charlottesville, Catholics are asking what the Faith can teach us about overcoming the evils of hatred and racism and restoring a culture the helps see us Christ in others. We'll discuss...