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New Sex Scandal in the Church? (8/4/2018)

Register Radio talks with Edward Pentin and JD Flynn about the fall of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the spread of clergy sexual abuse around the globe.

Humanae Vitae at 50 (7/28/2018)

Fifty years ago this month, Blessed Paul VI issued his courageous encyclical Humanae Vitae. This week on Register Radio we continue our anniversary coverage of the legacy of the papal teaching with Fr. Raymond de Souza and Christian Brugger.

Catholics and Contraception (7/21/2018)

Catholics and Contraception is a topical controversy. 50 years ago Pope Paul VI confirmed the Church’s teaching on contraception. How does that affect us today?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh (7/14/2018)

President Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. On Register Radio, Catholic News Agency’s Christine Rousselle tells us how this choice could shape the court. Plus, academic freedom wins over political correctness at a...

Gregorian Chant, Doctors of the Church (7/7/2018)

Gregorian Chant, the liturgical music first popularized throughout the Universal Church in the 5th Century remains still popular in Catholic and even secular culture today. On Register radio we find out why chant has endured the test of time with...

Independence Day (6/30/2018)

As the nation prepares to celebrate the 4th of July, beloved songs like God Bless America, The Star-Spangled Banner, and America the Beautiful will be sung from sea to shining to sea. This week on Register Radio we salute the country’s lyrical...

‘Blue Flame’ and Archbishop Nauman (6/23/2018)

What’s your blue flame? You know that activity that you love to do and that seems to give you more oomph in your life. On Register Radio this week author Jennifer Fulwiler shares her blue flame as she discusses her new book One Beautiful Dream....

Faith and Science, and Lizze Reezay (6/16/2018)

Stephen Barr, professor of theoretical particle physics at the University of Delaware and President of the Society of Catholic Scientists, talks about the relationship of faith and science. And Youtube personality Lizzie Reezay shares why she...

SCOTUS and Summer Movies (6/9/2018)

By a surprising vote of 7-2, the Supreme Court this week ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who had refused to create a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. It was an important win for defenders of religious liberty, and Michelle LaRosa of the...

Future of Iraq, Pope Talks Homosexuality (6/2/2018)

ISIS may have been defeated in Iraq, but the beleaguered Christians of the region are still facing hard decisions about their future. Register Vatican correspondent Edward Pentin has just returned from Iraq with an exclusive report. And Father...