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Rebuilding Notre Dame, Defending Catholic Education (Aug. 3)

In the wake of the April 15 Notre Dame fire, will the great cathedral of Paris be restored faithfully or will there be shocking changes? This week on Register Radio we talk to Register European correspondent Solène Tadié. And then, “Who will...

Leana Wen, Lay Women Preaching (July 27)

The firing of Dr. Leana Wen as president of Planned Parenthood has set off a firestorm of controversy surrounding the pro-abortion giant and exposed again the truth that Planned Parenthood is, as Dr. Wen wrote herself, not about healthcare but...

Moon Landing, Christ Cathedral (July 20)

Fifty years ago, 650 million people watched as astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. And this week, Christ Cathedral was dedicated in California, marking the transformation of the famed Protestant Crystal Cathedral into America’s newest...

A Presidential Shoutout and the Amazonian Synod (July 13)

It isn’t every day that you get a shout-out from the president of the United States, but that’s what happened to Sister Deirdre Byrne. This week on Register Radio, we’ll find out why. And, with the upcoming synod of bishops in Rome in October...

The Register and the Catholic Press (July 6)

Catholic journalists from across the country gathered in St. Petersburg, Florida, at the end of June for the Catholic Media Convention — best known for the annual Catholic Press Association Awards. This week on Register Radio, we talk with...

Summertime News (June 29)

Summers are traditionally quiet on the news front, but from the U.S. Bishops’ meeting in Baltimore to Supreme Court decisions, Summer 2019 is proving busy indeed. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register correspondent Lauretta Brown about...

Gender Ideology, Amazonian Synod and China (June 22)

Edward Pentin brings us the latest from Rome, including a summary and analysis of the Congregation of Education’s latest teaching on gender ideology and the Vatican’s working document for the upcoming Amazonian Synod in October. And Jeanette...

Biden’s Backpedaling and Faithful Fathers (June 15)

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden was rebuked this week by his party for not going far enough to support abortion. The Register’s Joan Desmond brings us the story. And on a more hopeful note, just in time for Father’s Day, the Knights of Columbus...

Bishop Thomas Paprocki (June 8)

This last week the Illinois state senate approved one of the most radical abortion bills in America, allowing abortion in the Land of Lincoln up to birth. Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, has responsed. This week on Register Radio...

Summer Movies and a Bounty of Priests (June 1)

This week on Register Radio, we discuss the best choices for summer movies with Register film critic Deacon Steven Greydanus. And then, seven priests ordained in seven years from one Ohio parish. What’s the secret?