Yet 19 More Ways to Respond to Common Abortion Questions

“There are no unwanted children.”

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This article is Part Three of a series — see also Part One and Part Two.


“I want women to have the right to choose.”

  1. The "right" to an abortion isn't a right at all — no more so than it is a right to kill any innocent person.
  2. Pro-abortionists originally wanted the right to an abortion only to kill a “sack of undifferentiated cells.” Then it was insisted upon that as long as the unborn baby wasn't viable outside of the womb, it was a right to kill that child. That “right” then morphed into the demands to be able to kill an unborn baby during the first trimester. Then it became abortion at any time during a pregnancy. Then it became the “right” to a partial-birth abortion in which the child has actually seen the light of day. Now, there are those who have no problem with infanticide including New York State and Virginia. This is murder through and through.


“The fetus is unaware and unperceptive.”

  1. Twins in utero interact purposefully in the womb as early as the 14th week of gestation. Just a few hours after birth, a baby stares intently at the people closest to him, preferring to look at faces rather than objects. They will even imitate facial expressions. These newborns didn’t magically develop social skills. Apparently, the womb is a crucial starting point in developing a sense of self and a sense of others—a key human identifier. There can no longer be any doubt that unborn babies are human.


“If one refuses to abort an embryo, it follows that one shouldn't give blood or do anything else that would destroy human cells.”

  1. Human DNA isn't a human being. DNA is the molecule chemical code to make a human being. To make a human being, you need the DNA from two human beings to make another human being. The DNA from one human being can't become a differentiated, distinct human being (i.e., the child) on its own, that is, before conception.
  2. Losing blood, sloughing off skin, shedding hair or donating a kidney don’t kill a human being as those cells are incapable of producing other new human beings by any natural process.


“You're against abortion because you can't get pregnant.”

  1. Those who support abortion are already born.
  2. The largest percentage of people who are pro-life are women. They can get pregnant.
  3. The taxes of childless individuals go to pay for the education of the children of other families.
  4. Everyone in a democracy gets a vote in creating the kind of nation that individual wants regardless of whether he or she can get pregnant.
  5. There are women who can’t get pregnant also. Do you want to stifle their opinions as well?


“Must I keep an unwanted child?”

  1. There are no unwanted children. There will always be loving people who can't have their own children and they're eager to love a child God has bestowed on someone else.


“Why can't you understand how important this is to women?”

  1. Indeed, why can't feminists understand that human life is sacred and that it starts at conception?
  2. Why do feminists insist that a baby inside a woman isn’t human? What else could it be? Is it a dog? A whale? A geranium plant? Clearly not, that’s not how biology and reproduction work.


“I admit the fetus is a human baby but that doesn’t diminish my right to kill her.”

  1. Everyone who murders someone else says the same thing. But consensus doesn’t make for good moral decisions. People are humans. Humans are people. If one can be “offed” because of one’s whim, then what’s stopping anyone from killing anyone who inconveniences them?
  2. So, in your insistence of protecting human rights, you are willing to murder human beings, thus depriving them of their right to life as guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence?
  3. Why is it morally acceptable to lie to a mother, telling her that her baby is only a little bit of protoplasm rather than a human in order to “spare her feelings?” But why would their feelings need to be spared unless, of course, the unborn baby is actually a human being? If it were actually a little bit protoplasm, there would be no guilt involved at all. You can only feel guilty in committing evil. No one needs to counsel a cancer patient before removing a tumor. It’s because babies are babies and tumors are tumors.


“You have no say in what a woman does with her body.”

  1. This is not an actual rule enshrined in law. It’s just emotionalist rhetoric used to shut down rational discourse.
  2. The corollary to this “rule” is that women have no say in what men can do with their bodies, or their minds or their money.
  3. There are women who can’t get pregnant. Must their opinions be stifled also so that you would “feel” better?