When Padre Pio Elevated And Stopped American Bombers, Bible And Sin And Mary Immaculate, and More!

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When Padre Pio Elevated Into The Air & Stopped American Planes From Bombing His Monastery – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia +1

A Baptist Friend Asks: The Bible Says “All Have Sinned” So How Can Mary Be Immaculate? – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith +1

Proving The Catholic Faith Is Biblical: The Perpetual Virginity Of Mary – Charlie McKinney at Catholic Spiritual Direction

The John Paul II Institute In Rome Has Been Hijacked By A Pack Of Vandals – George Weigel at The Catholic World Report

The Restrainer Of 2 Thessalonians, Liturgy & The End Times, Wherein Fr. Zed Speculates & Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog

Resisting the Lowest Common Denominator: A Priest’s Cri de Coeur – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at New Liturgical Movement

Do Catholics Over-Emphasize Sexual Sins? – Joe Heschmeyer, J.D., at Shameless Popery

On The Connection Between Sound Doctrine & Civility – Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission

Did You Know Dracula Was Actually a Catholic!? The Real-Life History Of The Chilling Legend – ChurchPOP

How Humanism Subverts Christianity—Daniel J. Mahoney – Patrick Coffin at Catholic Stand

What Is the Liturgy of the Hours? – Fr. Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., at Catholic Exchange

Sin, Freedom, & Order: Principles – Bob Drury at Catholic Stand

Elite Occult Practices Becoming More Open: From The Georgia Guidestones To The Illuminati Ball – William M. Briggs, Ph.D., at statistician to the stars!

How to Build a Marriage During Engagement – Becca Arend at Blessed Is She

How Much More Christian Blood Must Our Interventions Spill? – Casey Chalk

The Growing Worldwide Threat To Confessional Secrecy – Christopher R. Altieri at Catholic Herald

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