Patti Armstrong

St. Anne is Our Grandmother In Heaven

Not every earthly grandmother is necessarily a doting one, but the stereotype is well deserved. Speaking as a grandmother, it’s easy to adore the next generation of these precious children of God. St. Anne bore the Immaculate Conception in her...

Healing Follows a Deathbed Wedding

On June 19, the feast of the Sacred Heart, Gloria Lopez lay in a hospital dying with her husband Alfredo at her side. Alfredo asked their daughter to call a priest so that Gloria could receive Last Rites. Alfredo also wanted the priest to marry...

New Mother Angelica Museum and Car Pilgrimage

Since the Mother Angelica Tour began in 2014, pilgrims from around the world have been visiting her childhood hometown of Canton, Ohio. When someone changes the world, their childhood suddenly becomes of keen interest. If they were disadvantaged,...

St. Junípero Serra’s First Mission in California

In early March, my husband Mark and I visited Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá in San Diego, the first of 21 Catholic missions founded in California. It was established July 16, 1769 by the Spanish Franciscan friar, St. Junípero...

Job Loss Can Be a Spiritual Gain

COVID-19 has been a job killer. Being told your services are no longer needed can lead to fear, depression and financial problems. And potentially, holiness. “Our holy place,” a priest that I know calls it, where life gets real and we encounter...

An Exorcist Encounters the Power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ultimately, civil authorities will not solve our spiritual problems. We should pray and fast for them and for strong leadership in our Church, but we can also create a fortress of spiritual protection by putting ourselves under the sovereignty of...

Pray for Peace, and Pray for Our Police

Police brutality is wrong. Attacking all police officers over the misdeeds of a few is wrong too. Yet, here we are. We are seeing a commitment for reform throughout the nation, yet there is much brokenness and anger that needs healing. I posted...

What To Do When Children Leave the Church

It’s a heartbreak for faithful Catholics parents when their children leave the Church. Even among families trying to do everything right, results are often mixed. Since we are one family in Christ, it is a situation that affects us all. For...

10 Ways to Deepen Your Love of the Blessed Mother

To know the Blessed Mother is to love her. It is why Catholics sing her praises, crown her queen during the month of May and even name churches after her. We love our Blessed Mother, just as Jesus does. Love, however, needs nurturing to be kept...

Bestselling Author Turns to Our Blessed Mother

The love of our Blessed Mother is the why bestselling author Anthony DeStefano wrote his latest book,