Patti Armstrong

10 Ways to Deepen Your Love of the Blessed Mother

To know the Blessed Mother is to love her. It is why Catholics sing her praises, crown her queen during the month of May and even name churches after her. We love our Blessed Mother, just as Jesus does. Love, however, needs nurturing to be kept...

Bestselling Author Turns to Our Blessed Mother

The love of our Blessed Mother is the why bestselling author Anthony DeStefano wrote his latest book, 

Celebrating Mother’s Day When Mother Didn’t Celebrate You

Mother’s Day extols the love and appreciation children have for their mothers. But what of those struggling to recover from abusive or neglectful childhoods who see Mother’s Day as a reminder of a love they missed? I have a degree in social work...

A Fight for Humanity is Taking Place Inside the Church

Coming upon the remnants of black masses while he was a Fundamentalist Protestant missionary to Third World countries, had perplexed David Currie. Why did satanic cults always imitate the Catholic Mass? After his conversion to the Catholic...

Pray to the Angel of Gethsemane for the Dying

With so many people dying alone due to the coronavirus, they need our prayers. We can appeal to all the angels and saints — our family in heaven — to intercede and pray with us to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Especially relevant, we can pray...

20 Holy Hacks for Health and Holiness in the Pandemic

Although we are experiencing suffering and uncertainty due to the pandemic, there are also many opportunities to a grow closer to Christ and find comfort through him. A priest I know calls difficult situations like this our “holy place” where...

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Signs of Hope and New Fervor

During the coronavirus pandemic, our Catholic faith lifts us up and takes us deeper into the heart of the Church while also reaching into a stricken world. We are affected by the stress and heartache, but not shocked. Scripture tells us of such...

Feminists at Odds over ‘Sex Work’

A fissure is splitting the modern feminist movement. The old guard thought that it was settled, that “sex work” (prostitution) hurts women. The new guard, however, wants to decriminalize it. The high percent of childhood sexual abuse, suicide,...

St. Joseph, ‘Terror of Demons’, is a Powerful Man Indeed

The Power of St. Joseph How much attention to you give to the man who was the earthly adoptive father and protector of Jesus, and the virtuous husband to Mary?  Imagine how much Jesus and Mary love him. He had to be the holiest man who ever...

10 Things You Should Do Until Public Masses Return

We blinked, and the world changed. It was once only oppressive regimes that canceled Catholic Masses, but the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is triggering their suspension around the world. The list of cancellations and obligations lifted as of...