Edward Pentin

Cardinal Hummes Pushes for Married Priests, and Lula Meets the Pope

VATICAN CITY — One of the leading figures behind last year’s Pan-Amazon Synod, Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, has said the synod’s proposal to ordain married men in remote Amazonian areas is not dead but will now be taken up by the...

Vatican Sends Mixed Signals at ‘Querida Amazonia’ Launch

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis did not endorse the possibility of ordaining married men in the Amazon, nor does the synod’s final document, in which that proposal appeared last October, have magisterial authority. And yet Cardinal Michael Czerny,...

Cardinal Müller: ‘Querida Amazonia’ Is a Document of Reconciliation

A Document of Reconciliation On Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Letter Querida Amazonia  By Cardinal Gerhard Müller   Amid great hopes and anxious fears, the post-synodal letter has arrived. It refers to the final document of th

Ukraine’s Latin Rite Bishops Issue Fraternal Correction of German Bishops’ Synodal Path

Ukraine’s Latin Rite Catholic bishops have issued a fraternal correction of the German bishops, saying their stance on LGBT issues and their attitude to natural law with respect to their “synodal path” is “a threat to the faithful in...

What Will the Pope’s Post-Amazon Synod Document Say About Priestly Celibacy?

A mixture of anticipation and apprehension surrounds Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the Pan-Amazon synod, which the Vatican announced today will be published Wednesday at a Vatican press conference. The reason is that through the...

Solving the Archbishop Gänswein Suspension Puzzle

The curious case of Archbishop Georg Gänswein’s disappearance from papal duties is coming together after what appeared to be conflicting messages emanating from press reports and the Vatican Wednesday. A Feb. 5 article in the German newspaper...

Population Control Advocate Jeffrey Sachs Attacks Trump Administration at Vatican Gathering

The American economist Jeffrey Sachs has used the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences to launch a scathing attack on the Trump administration, accusing it of threatening multilateralism by bullying other nations and saying President...

Church Observer Warns: Don’t Flatten the Faith to Fit In at the UN

The Holy See’s ever-closer collaboration with the United Nations and its affiliated organizations is causing it to adopt the “logic of the world,” a development that threatens to secularize the faith. These are the views of professor Stefano...

Cardinal Pell Uses Time Well in Prison While Awaiting Final Appeal Decision

Cardinal George Pell is in “good spirits” and has “developed a personal ministry, writing back to other prisoners who have been writing to him about their lives,” a source close to the former head of the Vatican treasury has told the...

Is Islam Really a Religion of Peace?

When Islamist terrorism strikes, often the media and others will make excuses in virtue of “political correctness” not to mention the fact that they tend to ignore the original Islamic texts that first inspired the terrorists to carry out their...