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Let’s Bring Back Proper Christian Names, Let Us Raise The Standards, Hope to Die, And More!

Let’s Bring Back Proper Christian Names – Melanie McDonagh at Catholic Herald +1 Let’s Raise The Standards – Fr. Z’s Blog +1

Why This Da Vinci Last Supper Painting Is Missing Jesus Feet, The 50s: Catholic Paradise, And More!

Why da Vinci’s Famous Painting of the Last Supper Is Missing Jesus’ Feet – Billy Ryan at uCatholic +1 The Fifties: Cath

How The Church Has Changed The World, Two False Arguments For God’s Existence, And More Links!

How the Church Has Changed the World: Be Not Afraid – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Catholic Education Resource Center +1

The Truth About Modernism, Grasping the Decree on Our Lady of America Apparitions, And More Links!

The Truth About Modernism – Patrick Coffin at Catholic Stand +1 Understanding the Statement, Decree on Our Lady of America Apparitions – Fr. Matthew

Where Is Your God Now Scientism, The Faith Of A Madwoman, Cardinal Tagle's Promotion, And More!

Scientism, Where is Your God Now? – Julie Machado at Catholic Stand  +1 The Faith of a Madwoman – Elizabeth Jean Seah at Ignitum Today +1

Priest’s Innovation Is Transparent, Listen To The Monks, Pell Is Not A Scapegoat, And More!

Priest’s Innovation Is Transparent – Marilyn Rodrigues at The Catholic Weekly +1 Listen To The Monks – Anja Renkes at Ignitum Today +1

An Italian Mystic Who Lived Solely Off The Eucharist, Traditional Way to Wear the Fascia, And More!

An Recent Italian Mystic Who Lived Solely Off the Eucharist – Mystics of the Church +1 Sacristy Tips: The Traditional Way to Wear the Fascia

The Haunting Unsolved Murder Of Fr. Kunz, A Call To Humility In Mystery Of The 7 Thunders, And More!

The Haunting Unsolved Murder of Fr. Kunz – Matt C. Abbott at Catholic Exchange +1 A Call to Humility in the Mystery of the Seven Thunders –

Moving Toward One Rite, Excommunicated For Archery, Divorce Between Faith And Reason, And More!

Moving Toward One Rite of the Latin Rite Again but with Variations – Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Southern Orders +1 Obscure Church

Padre Pio Had Funny Jokes, Seal Your Doorpost With The Divine Mercy Image, And More Great Links!

Padre Pio Had Jokes! — & They Were Funny – Alex R. Hey at epicPew +1 Seal Your Doorpost With The Divine Mercy Image – Whitney Hetzel at Get✚Fed +1