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My Journey From Muslim To Catholic, When God Gives Us Dogs, The Father Wound, And More Great Links!

My Journey From Muslim to Catholic – Zubair Simonson at The Catholic Gentleman +1 When God Gives Us Dogs – Janet Meyer at Catholic Stand +1

The Only Way Forward Now, The Catholic Church Saying No To A World Screaming Yes, And More Links!

The Only Way Forward Now – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity +1 The Catholic Church—Saying “No” to a World Screaming “Yes” – Larry Peter

The Only Solution To Racial Prejudice, St. Kateri Intercedes Again For Miracle Boy, And More Links!

The Only Solution to Racial Prejudice – David Torkington at Catholic Stand +1 St. Kateri Intercedes Again for Miracle Boy – Scott Smith, J.D., at A

A Way To Get Out Of Purgatory, A Beautiful Outdoor Ordinariate Mass In North Carolina, And More!

The Unfailing Way to Get Out of Purgatory, Turn to Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Larry Peterson at Catholic365 +1 A B

Catholic Face Masks, Overcome Evil With Good, Last Days Of Earth, And More Great News Links!

Searched “Catholic Face Mask” — Not Disappointed! – Laura Hensley at epicPew +1 Overcome Evil wit

Is a Re-Catholicization of Britain Underway, How Many Catholics are Faithful, And More!

Is a Re-Catholicization of Britain Underway? – Filip Mazurczak at The Catholic Wor

Ringwraiths, Hauntings, Possessions and Exorcisms, And More!

Ringwraiths – Fanny Jean Jones at Ignitum Today +1 Hauntings, Possessions, & Exorcisms – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand +1

A Little Oasis of Orthodoxy, Some Guidelines for Eucharistic Adoration, And More!

A Little Oasis of Orthodoxy - Fr. Benedict Kiely at Crisis Magazine +1 Some Guidelines for Eucharistic Adoration – Fr. Francis Hoffman, J.C.D., at Simply Catholic +1

What AP Left Out In Its Hit Job on the Church, Samwise Gamgee, And More!

What AP Left Out In Its Hit Job on the Church – Msgr. Richard Antall at Angelus +1 Samwise Gamgee – Fanny Jean Jones at Ignitum Today +1

Pastoral Plan For Changing Parish Music Program, Now Is Not The Time To Leave The Church, And More!

A Pastoral Plan for Changing a Parish Music Program! Where Do I Start? - Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka at New Liturgical Movement +1 Now Is Not the Time To Leave the Catholic Church – Dennis Dillon a