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Coronavirus, Catholic Schools (Aug. 1)

The COVID-19 pandemic has re-emerged as a major health crisis in the United States and around the world. How is the Church responding, and what can be done to keep parishioners safe as they worship? We talk with Dr. Timothy Flanigan, a Catholic...

Hagia Sophia, Catholic Schools and COVID (July 25)

With the school year only weeks away and with COVID-19 still a concern everywhere, parents across the country are waiting anxiously to find out if their children will be going back to class in person or online. And many Catholic schools are...

George Weigel on ‘The Next Pope’ (July 18)

One of the keenest observers of the Church weighs in on the future of the papacy and the office of pope. This week on Register Radio, we talk to renowned author George Weigel about his new book, The Next Pope.

Andrea Picciotti-Bayer on the Supreme Court (July 11)

The U.S. Supreme Court ended one of the most memorable terms in recent years, with major decisions on religious liberty, presidential powers and pro-life issues. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register contributor Andrea Picciotti-Bayer...

Religious Liberty, Uplifting Stories (June 20)

The U.S. Supreme Court jolted the American legal landscape with its June 15 decision that equates sexual preference with sex discrimination. What’s that mean for employers and for our U.S. culture in general? Religious liberty advocate Montse...

Dr. Alveda King and Father Roger Landry (June 13)

As the country continues to deal with protests and marches, and with political leaders calling for political reform and a national dialogue on racism, who are the voices that need to be heard? This week, we speak with Dr. Alveda King, niece of...

Msgr. Charles Pope and Paul Kengor (June 6)

Media images for the last two weeks have shown a mixture of protest, rage, violence and destruction that have captured cities across our country after the unjust death of George Floyd, after being pinned down to the point of losing consciousness...

Abortion ‘Essential,’ Churches ‘Not Essential’ (May 30)

Even in a pandemic, the battle over abortion in the United States is fierce. Abortion businesses have pushed to be recognized as essential services, and Planned Parenthood has applied for federal relief funds — but the Trump administration is...

Churches Preparing for Next Phase (May 23)

Churches are re-opening across the country, but some of them are in defiance of their own state governors, and the U.S. Justice Department Office of Civil Rights is weighing in. Meanwhile, in Europe, similar battles are under way over when and...

Coronavirus, Sacred Music and the Liturgy (May 16)

The power of music to comfort, to teach, and to help us lift our eyes and hearts to God is needed now more than ever. This week on Register Radio, we talk with two members of the Gloriæ Dei Cantores (Latin for “Singers to the Glory of God”), a...